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About Simba Sleep

Simba Sleep produces the most advanced mattresses in the world by using a unique combination of over 2,000 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam to guarantee the perfect night’s sleep.

The mattresses are produced to fit any individual’s sleep pattern and ensure more comfort and relaxation. Simba’s experts have been working to produce the perfect mattress since 1979, when they supplied their very first spool of thread to a mattress factory in Derbyshire, England.

Eventually, they decided to use this special thread to create their own mattresses, diversifying into mattress design and supply in 2002. Since then, Simba has raised over $75M equity funding and now sells mattresses in 15 countries.

“The results have been good, with up to 25% of UK customers choosing to pay with Splitit.”

The Challenges They Faced

Simba was already working with a payment solution provider, but wanted to open up an installment option to a wider customer base with a simpler option. Plus, their installment payment option was limited to only customers in the United Kingdom.

The Challenges They Faced

Why Simba Sleep Chose Splitit

Simba set out to find a solution that would not only mitigate these challenges, but also help them gain a competitive edge.

First of all, Splitit’s technology is available all over the world, which allowed Simba the opportunity to make their mattresses affordable to customers everywhere they sold mattresses, with one simple integration.

Splitit also has great customer appeal, with no added interest or fees, and the customer does not have to go through a lengthy application process or credit check. Their technology is everywhere the customers are; online, in-store and on mobile, easily accessible with intuitive, easy-to-use technology that fits seamlessly into the payment process.

Creating as little friction as possible, has a direct impact on (decreasing) cart abandonment rates and (increasing) sales.

Most importantly, Splitit offers a very high approval rate, because it uses the customer’s existing credit card. This makes for very happy customers and higher 5-star reviews.

Why Simba Sleep Chose Splitit

The Results

Simba has been working with Splitit to offer low monthly installments for over 3 years, and each year they have seen double digit growth. At one point Splitit made up approximately 40% of their checkout in France and approximately 25% in UK. The Splitit offering continues to benefit Simba’s shoppers in a positive way.

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The Results

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