Vestiaire Collective

Curated pre-owned premium & luxury products

“Splitit is a frictionless solution to payment installments. There are no more long forms to fill out or credit checks. With Splitit, our customers are spending more money. The order tickets are +120% vs. non Splitit tickets.”
Michael Benisti, Head of Payments at Vestiaire Collective

Since 2009, Vestiaire Collective has grown from a French company to a global one with an ever strong Parisian DNA. Their model is unique due to its carefully curated catalogue of 600,000 desirable items, that once sold are expertly checked for 100% quality and authenticity. 30,000 new items are submitted to their community of sellers every week, which enables buyers to hunt amongst over 3,200 coveted and must have fashion pieces a day.


Splitit order ticket size vs. non Splitit ticket


Penetration rate for tickets above £400


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