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How to use the Virtual POS


The following section explains how to use Splitit Virtual POS from a web browser. To get started using Splitit Virtual POS, you need to access your Merchant portal and start creating installment plans.

Prerequisite: You should have obtained your user name and password from Splitit in order to access the Merchant portal.

Step 1: Click Create Plan

To get started using Splitit Virtual POS, you need to access your Merchant portal and click on Create Plan.


Step 2: Select the Terminal

As a Splitit merchant, you might have more than one terminal. Select the appropriate terminal, currency, fill in the total purchase amount -tax including-, and the order number.

You may click on Advanced and select additional features, as shown below. Then click Create.


Step 3: Fill in the Payment Form

Fill in the payment form fields accordingly, then click In Store*, which will take you to the second page where the customer can sign the payment agreement. Then click I Approve.

*If you click Phone, the confirmation will be sent to the customer by email.


Step 4: Confirmation, Congratulations and Print Receipt

Once you click I Approve, you will get to the congratulations page, meaning that the transaction was successfully completed. Click In Store Receipt: keep the Merchant copy of the receipt for your records and give your Shopper the Customer copy. Click Close and your shopper will receive a confirmation email containing the installment plan details and credentials to access its Customer portal.

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