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Use your credit card to pay over time
with no interest, application, or fees

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Offer your customers flexible pay over time options that will grow your business

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Pay over time the easy way.

What makes Splitit unique?

Use your existing credit Use your existing credit

The only global solution that works using your existing Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Splitit has the highest transaction approval rating Splitit has the highest transaction approval rating

Transactions are approved wherever the credit card is accepted, based on your available credit line.

Higher customer approval rating Higher customer approval rating

85% of customers would use Splitit again.

Quickest checkout Quickest checkout

No applications, credit check, or registration required to start a payment plan.

Start growing your business

Pay over time the easy way.

Unlike other buy-now-pay-later plans, Splitit isn’t new financing. Splitit lets you use your existing credit without paying interest, so you don’t need to carry new debt.

Start growing your business

Give your customers the simplest way to pay over time. Unlike other buy-now-pay-later plans, Splitit lets shoppers use their existing credit card for the easiest most intuitive checkout.

Start growing your business
Start growing your business

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