Simple monthly payments

Use your existing credit card.

No new loans or applications needed.

How Splitit works

No additional interest or fees*

Splitit will never charge you interest or fees. (Your standard credit cards T&Cs still apply)

No new loans

Use the credit you have already earned. All you need is the balance available on your credit card.

Keep the rewards coming

You get all the benefits of paying with your credit card, including rewards, transaction insurance and protection against fraud.

Splitit checkout screen

How Splitit works

Splitit guarantees your purchase, by placing a hold on your credit card, while the total amount is outstanding. This is not a payment, it’s just a pre-authorization that allows you to pay off your balance over time, before accruing any interest. Just pay as you go and Splitit will re-authorize the hold and reduce the amount each month.

You get all the benefits of paying with your credit card, including rewards, transaction insurance and protection against fraud.

Installment plan

You choose the number of monthly payments that suit you and your budget.

Splitit authorizes the full amount of the purchase on your existing credit card and reserves the balance until final payment is made.

First installment

The first installment is charged a few seconds after the purchase authorization or upon shipping.


Splitit reauthorizes the outstanding amount when the previous authorization is about to expire.

Pay monthly

Splitit will charge your credit card every month until the plan is finished, reducing the hold on your credit line each month by the payment amount.

Sample plan

Purchase price of $3,000 split over 6 months using your existing credit card.

Amount paidAmount held on your credit card
Pay today $500$2,500
2nd payment $500$2,000
3rd payment $500$1,500
4th payment $500$1,000
5th payment $500$500
Final payment $500

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Frequently asked questions

No, unfortunately not. We are only able to accept credit cards at the present time.

Splitit is supported by Visa, Mastercard, and depending on the merchant, American Express, Discover and UnionPay.

You can find all our terms and conditions here.


Splitit helps consumers use their existing credit card to turn purchases into smaller, monthly payments.

The full amount of your purchase is authorized (held) on your credit card to guarantee future payments so you need to have at least that amount in available credit on your card.

The authorization amount reduces with each monthly payment you make until the balance is cleared and we renew these authorizations periodically. The previous authorization is removed as soon as we receive a new one.

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