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Installment Payment Services

Installments-as-a-Service puts the power back in the hands of merchants to retain customers, drive conversion, and increase average order value.

Increase shopper loyalty with white-label Installments

Splitit’s Installments-as-a-Service platform is a new way to drive installment payments through a merchant-branded experience. While merchants are experiencing increased sales with legacy BNPL, they also face several challenges: losing control of consumer relationships, poor checkout conversion due to consumer friction, low credit approval rates and heightened regulatory scrutiny. Splitit’s Installments-as-a-Service platform mitigates these issues, making it the most attractive value proposition for merchants.

Frictionless payments

Splitit provides the technology that empowers you to offer installment payments embedded within your existing customer journey.

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Own the end-to-end journey

Our installment payment solution puts your brand at the centre, allowing you to keep control of your customer journey and increasing your brand loyalty.

No registrations or redirects

Splitit embeds in the current purchase flow allowing any consumer with an active credit card to use the service – there’s no third-party registration or application needed.

Use existing credit

Splitit removes the high risks of legacy BNPL by using existing credit, meaning there is no underwriting and we won’t hurt your shopper’s credit rating.

How Splitit works

Splitit is the only installment payment solution that allows shoppers to use their existing credit card at checkout without increasing their debt, enabling consumers to shop more responsibly. There’s no added interest or hidden fees, plus they get all the benefits of paying with their existing credit card, including rewards, transaction insurance and protection against fraud.

Installment plan

Shoppers can choose to split their payments in monthly installments all within your payment journey.


Splitit authorizes the full amount of the purchase on the shopper’s existing credit card and reserves the balance from their credit card.

First installment

The first installment is charged a few seconds after the purchase authorization or upon shipping.

Pay monthly

Splitit will charge the shopper’s credit card every month until the plan is finished.

The future-proof pay-later option

Splitit provides the technology that empowers merchants to offer installment payments embedded within their customer journey. We are the only installment payment solution that allows shoppers to use their existing credit card at checkout without increasing their debt.

Feature Legacy BNPLSplitit
Use Existing Credit  
No Registration  
Google Pay/Apple Pay  
At Checkout
Merchant Integrations
Industry Agnostic  
No Credit Check  
Low Risk  
Average Order Value $250$1,000+

Customize your white-label installments

Splitit’s Installments-as-a-Service solution gives you full flexibility on your BNPL offering. Do you want your customers to pay monthly, or every two weeks? Do you want to offer down payments, or allow your customers to only pay on delivery? We’ll make it work for your needs.

Pay monthly

Give your customers the option to pay in monthly installments.

Pay every two weeks

For added flexibility, we also offer the option for your customers to split the cost of their purchase and make payments in 2 week installments.

Partial installments

Allow your customers to pay a larger sum upfront and split the rest over time.

Pay on delivery

Allow customers to pay when the item is delivered. You can also offer for customers to pay with installments after delivery (just like Cash on Delivery, but digital!).

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Frequently asked questions

Installment payments allow customers to spread the cost of a product or service, instead of paying the whole price at once. Depending on the plan they choose, shoppers only pay a percentage of the cost and pay the rest in equal monthly payments over an agreed period.

Installment payments offer customers the flexibility to purchase higher-end, quality products and services but spread the cost over a time that suits them. Offering installment options to your customers increases conversion, along with average order value and builds brand loyalty. With Splitit, there are never any hidden fees or interest rates and customers can also enjoy the usual benefits of using their existing credit card.

Splitit provides the technology to fully integrate into your existing payment platforms, simplifying the journey to purchase. Our services work as a layer between your ecommerce platform and your existing payment gateway. Splitit can be set up easily via a single API integration, which works globally.

Credit checks are not needed to make use of our Installments-as-a-Service solution and it will not affect your customer’s credit score. All a customer needs is their existing credit card and enough available credit to cover the cost of the purchase.

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