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Choosing the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day: When Only the Best Will Do – The Top Buy Now Pay Later Gifts

This is the best time of year to show your Mom how much she means to you. While it sounds easy, sometimes we need a little help when it involves choosing the right gift. You can always choose flowers, but if you want to do something out of the ordinary, then keep reading.

Before you start browsing, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself about Mother’s Day. The first is your budget. Sure, we know you can’t put a price tag on your Mom’s love, but she also wants you to be wise with your money. Decide what your budget can handle and then stick to it as much as possible.

Think about the logistics of buying and giving the gift. Do you need to pick it up in the store or does it need to be shipped? Don’t forget to allow additional shipping time if necessary – Mother’s Day is an especially busy holiday for shipping.

If you’re drawing a blank when it comes to selecting a gift for her, start by thinking about the little things that make your mom happy. Does she love coffee, crafting or decorating? Maybe she has a love of traveling, reading or cooking (she’s bound to have a few hobbies she enjoys outside of being a Mom). Perhaps your mom is more of the sentimental type and she would like something personal versus practical. Or try to recall if she’s told you about a specific item she needs or is considering purchasing. Taking a few moments to think about what she really wants or needs can go a long way towards making her feel special.

This year we tried to make it a little easier for you to brainstorm ideas. No matter what your mom likes, we crafted this list of merchants who can help you find the most memorable gift. 


You would be hard pressed to find a mother who didn’t love the gift of fine jewelry. If you want to give her a gift that can last a lifetime, then Gemperles is your answer. Gemperles is a jeweler offering classic, modern and innovative jewelry. From pearls to pendants, or diamonds, sapphires and rubies, your mom will swoon over a piece from the Gemperles collection. 


If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that embodies class and elegance (just like Mom), then consider a beautiful timepiece from Nomos-Glashutte. This company is the maker of fine, world-class watches which any mother would be proud to wear. These aren’t any ordinary watches though – a Nomos-Glashutte piece is designed to be passed down and cherished like the traditions in your own family.


If diamonds are your mother’s love language then you will impress her with anything you choose from Leibish. Leibish offers a huge assortment of jewelry featuring brilliant diamonds and colorful gemstones. If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry to remind her how special she is, then you will love the selection from Leibish.


Ceraudo is a great online shop for those looking for a piece as individual as your mom – especially if she loves carefully curated items for the home. Whether you’re looking for beautiful tabletop accessories or furniture for her space, a piece from Ceraudo can brighten up any room. Plus she’ll think of you everytime she uses her gift at home – how can you say no to that option?

The Wellness Enterprise

Another choice for overall wellness is a gift of structured water. The Wellness Enterprise provides customers with water that serves to improve their overall energy, health and hydration. Think of it as Water 2.0 for your mom. There are options for structured water to be used on a daily basis, either as drinking water or throughout the home.


Let’s face it, your mom spent many years making you her top priority. It’s time for her to focus on herself a little and Instasmile is an excellent way to pamper her. Instasmile offers multiple products to improve the overall look and health of a smile, either with veneers or whitening (and many other products). Giving your mom a gift from Instasmile will give her the confidence she deserves. 

Making it the Best Mother’s Day

Almost all of us agree our moms deserve the very best. But sometimes our budgets limit our ability to purchase what we truly wish we could buy for them. Fortunately, Splitit is offered with all the merchants mentioned above. Splitit makes it possible to get what you really want for your mom, and still stay within your monthly spending budget.

Splitit is so easy to use and ideal for buying the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. You can split up your total into convenient monthly payments – all without the hassle of credit checks and unnecessary paperwork. Using Splitit means it’s easy for you to buy the very best for her. But we also know it means you’ll continue to be her favorite. 


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