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Setting up

After completing your registration, you will receive your username and temporary password via email to access the Merchant Portal. The merchant portal gives you access to manage all plans, transactions and reports.

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Creating your first plan

Creating your first plan

To create new plans, head to Create Plan in the Merchant Portal. The payment form can be sent to your customer via email, SMS or QR code – or you can take their details over the phone and enter it directly into the portal.

Viewing your transactions

Viewing your transactions

Manage and track every transaction in the Merchant Portal. The Transactions tab includes easy filtering, detailed views, and seamless editing of payment plans – all designed to streamline your financial operations.

Funding Overview

Merchant funding payment instructions are executed on Mondays and Thursdays for transactions executed in the previous 3 to 4 days. Payments are typically available in the merchant’s bank account by the end of the following day, Tuesday or Friday, depending on your bank’s posting policy.

Funding Documentation

Marketing materials

Download our brochures to print and share with your customers

Once your shopper has successfully checked out their plan will show up in the transactions.

If the shopper has already confirmed the plan and you need to cancel the sale, a full refund process is required. Our system will then calculate the total fees and direct debit the merchant for the amount owed to Splitit.

If the card expires or is canceled, the customer has a 7 day grace period to update their information in their portal. If it isn’t resolved within the 7 days then the remaining amount owed (pre-authorization remaining) is then charged.

Splitit eliminates the credit risk for the merchant. We guarantee the full amount of the purchase so there is no risk that the merchant will not receive the payment.

You would go into your transactions, find the correct one, and action the refund from the Splitit portal. No further action is required for the shopper to have the refund applied to their credit card account. We will then take back the amount refunded from the next funding event or through a debit request.

Find out more about refund options

You will receive the funds in your account via ACH on the first Tuesday or Friday after the purchase. Learn more about receiving money

You will need to submit your records to contest the dispute in the merchant portal. Learn more about chargebacks

You will be notified that the installment failed, you can then look in your portal to see the reason why. 

We will also reach out to the shopper to ask them to either change the card on file or fix the reason why it is declining. 

If they do not fix it within the time frame set forth we can put the next installment onto their card or full capture the remaining value of the plan.

Help & Support

Reach out to our team who will be happy to assist you, whether you want to discuss your funding limit or have any questions or concerns. Using your Sylvan email address will guarantee Priority Support.