A completely new way to pay

We’re nothing like other “buy now, pay later” options — free of shopper fees, applications, and credit checks. For the responsible credit card user who doesn’t want a new loan under their name.

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Say it with us: No. More. Redirects.

Splitit provides a super-fast payment experience—no application needed. You want your customers to have the quickest, easiest checkout experience possible. And so do we.

We’re busting the BNPL myths.

When your customers use other “buy now, pay later” providers, they acquire them as their own customers. Splitit is different. We let your shoppers stay your shoppers—like it should be.

High-value shoppers love Splitit.

With an average order value of $1,000 – 4x other “buy now, pay later” providers – Splitit attracts high-value shoppers on your site, makes the experience easy, and keeps them coming back.

We created Splitit because nothing like it existed.

It’s a new day for payments—one where your shoppers can keep earning the credit card rewards they love, choose the number of installments, and gain a level of control that traditional “buy now, pay later” providers can’t – or won’t – give them.

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