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The World’s First Installment Payment Gateway

  • Fast set-up so you can start transacting today
  • Quick, seamless integration
  • All-in-one competitive rate
  • Easy cash flow management
  • Concierge chargeback service
  • Control your finances with our easy to use portal

Start transacting today!

Splitit Plus is the simplest way to accept installment payments online.


Quick, seamless integration

Splitit Plus combines the functionality of a business account and a gateway in one, which means you only need a Splitit Plus account to accept installment payments and deposit funds into your bank account.


All-in-one competitive rate

Splitit Plus includes the payment processing and installment fees combined, saving you money. Our competitive rates start from 3.9% and 30c per transaction.


Easy cash flow management

We deduct any charges upfront, saving you the hassle of reconciling your accounts.


Concierge chargeback service

Our fully managed service helps reduce the time and inconvenience of dealing with chargebacks.


Control over your Finances

Track your orders, payments, and payouts, and have access to advanced reporting tools in one simple interface through our easy to use Merchant Portal.

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