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4 Tips for Creating a Fool-Proof eCommerce Checkout Page

Last updated January 2022

The prevalence of shopping cart abandonment is astonishing

Approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts this year alone. This number is hard to comprehend, but the reality is that shoppers are spending minutes and even hours on your website browsing products, placing them in their cart and then deciding not to follow through with their purchases.

Although the broader goal of completely eliminating shopping cart abandonment may not be realistic, we’ve come up with the top 4 ways that you can ensure your eCommerce store has the most efficient checkout, resulting in higher sales conversion and decreased abandonment.  

  1. Allow for guest checkout

23% of customers cite having to create an account as the reason for abandoning purchases. Guest checkout allows customers to make simple and quick purchases without feeling committed.

  1. Keep the page clean

When customers are on the checkout page, it’s essential to replace or minimize the header and footer, and to remove any other page distractions. The customers are in payment mode and therefore it should be simple, clear and to the point.

  1. Display trust signals

The checkout page must convey trust in order for customers to pay. Trust signals include customer reviews, SSL certificate and mention of a secure shopping experience, clear customer service and the logos of available payment options. Customers should have no doubt that their sensitive information will stay safe.

  1. Make installment payments, like Splitit, clear to the eye

Installment payment preference is on the rise. Installment payments allow customers to feel that they are in control of their cash flow, resulting in more follow-through purchases, and larger orders. Installment payments, like Splitit, should be implemented in the checkout page with the other payment options. The logo should be clear and dominant which will intrigue customers to learn more, and to ultimately find it to be their best payment choice.

The importance of your checkout page

Whether you know it or not, your eCommerce checkout page is actually the most important page on your site. This is the place where you can really grow your business. While shopping cart abandonment continues to be a growing phenomenon, following these 4 tips can bring you one step closer to dominating the checkout page leaving your customers happy and your pockets growing!