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The Merchant’s Guide to Boosting Sales with Card-Attached Installments

Last updated February 2024

From ecommerce purchases to tuition for education, your consumers, customers, and clients are looking for flexible payment alternatives that can be personalized to fit their budget. 

Regulatory scrutiny on legacy BNPL platforms has caused uncertainty among consumers and businesses alike, which means enterprise merchants need to consider other payment platforms that deliver upon customer expectations while remaining true to their brand. 

Card-attached installment platforms like Splitit deliver the best of both worlds – we allow businesses to give customers the freedom and flexibility they’re looking for in a secure way that makes sense for both merchants and shoppers. 

The future of payments is right here. Read on to learn how you can boost sales with card-attached installments.

Why Card-Attached Installments Matters for Enterprise Merchants:

Offering the right payment solutions in the checkout can be the difference between a conversion and an abandoned transaction. Customers want payment options that align with their financial needs and their lifestyle. Having the right systems in place affects everything from new customer acquisition to retention, loyalty, and beyond. 

79 million people in the US were forecasted to use some sort of buy now, pay later platform in 2022, and the industry has been growing year-over-year. Increased controls are coming into place to limit legacy BNPL platforms, but consumer demand for an installment payment option is still growing. 

Merchants need to find options that satisfy customers by offering the flexibility of installment payments while protecting consumers and their own business strategy. Card-attached installments allow brands to introduce trustworthy, budget-friendly solutions into the checkout that can also be utilized for growth. 

Splitit’s Card-Attached Installments: Platform Overview

Splitit’s card-attached installments platform is a simple, quick, and easy way to incorporate installment payments into your checkout or sales flow. 

  • White-label platform: The user experience lives within your own branding and is embedded in your checkout to deliver a cohesive shopping flow that exists entirely within the merchant’s ecosystem. 
  • Easy integration: Splitit operates via a plug-in that’s designed to integrate with all leading ecommerce platforms, with the option for custom integration which makes it quick and easy to implement onto your site or sales stream with minimal technical lift and maximum return on time and effort.
  • Scalability across sales channels: Splitit can be used in a traditional ecommerce checkout, in a brick and mortar space, and via phone or remote sales channels

Boosting Sales Through Card-Attached Installment: Strategies for Enterprise Success

Splitit is a white-label solution, which means it exists within your own branding – there’s no risk that customers will be distracted by third-party logos and they don’t need to navigate away from your website to complete a payment. Throughout the entire transactional experience they’re interacting with your brand, which they know and trust.

This seamless experience helps to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment:

  • Drive conversion by providing a flexible payment option that offers an alternative to legacy BNPL platforms that require customers to take out a new loan..
  • Help to increase AOV, as customers can get the products or services they really want and pay for them in a way that fits their budget and lifestyle.
  • Deliver a great customer experience that fits how your customers want to shop, which makes them more likely to remain loyal and return again.

With Splitit, you have the option to integrate card-attached installments into your sales strategy and leverage the benefits at whichever stages of the shopping funnel make sense to you. This means you can create targeted marketing that showcases how you’re going the extra mile to offer your customers an affordable and flexible payment option.

Implementing Splitit: A Step-by-Step Guide for Enterprise Merchants

Splitit is designed to be quick and easy for both customers and merchants to use. 

Our plugin integrates with all leading ecommerce platforms, with options for custom integration if needed. Our team will also work with you to incorporate Splitit into your in-store experience or remote sales processes, if needed.

Through our white-label offering, Splitit is designed to be built into your existing brand to become a holistic part of your customer experience. We’ll support you by providing all the resources you’ll need to get up and running. Our team can also offer advice on how to build out marketing resources to educate customers about card-attached installments, or you can build out your own strategy according to your specific goals.

As part of our partnership, we provide merchants with comprehensive support through our resource hub and dedicated customer service team.

Calculating the Financial Impact: ROI and Beyond

Calculating the financial returns of card-attached installments will depend on your product, sales strategy, and respective KPIs. We have partnered with businesses that have achieved great success across many different brands and industries. From B2B to B2C, many companies have leveraged Splitit to drive new business, increase retention, improve conversion, reduce cart abandonment, and raise AOV. 

It begins with setting your goals – whether it’s sales, AOV, conversion, reduced cart abandonment or another factor that is important for your business. Once you’ve identified areas you want to measure and improve, you can create a strategy for marketing and leveraging card-attached installments for your target audience.

From there, it’s a matter of implementing, measuring, and testing. Calculating value will come from these results, and you’ll be able to see ROI in relation to how Splitit helps to drive sales, reduce cart abandonment, and improve customer loyalty and retention.

Addressing Concerns: Security and Customer Confidence:

Data protection and security are growing priorities among consumers and business owners alike, especially when it comes to payment information – and it’s a priority for us, too. 

Security is built into everything we do – we adhere to the latest standards for security and data protection and use highly sophisticated encryption and data management procedures to create a secure payment environment that you and your customers can trust.

We never sell data to third-parties, which means your customers can rest assured that their information remains private and you can rest assured that your competitors will never have access to information about your audience. 

Exclusive Enterprise Features: Customization and Scalability

As well as diversifying your payment strategies so you can get ahead of competitors and offer consumers what they’re looking for, Splitit’s card-attached installment platform is designed to boost your business and support your growth. 

Splitit becomes a holistic part of your brand – our white-label offering means you have complete control over how you message and market your card-attached installment offering. This means you can leverage flexible and budget-friendly payments as a unique value proposition.

Whether you choose to message via a broad approach or target specific customers profiles through personalization, Splitit offers breadth and depth for sales growth. 

Set a payment schedule that fits your customers and financial flow, with options for monthly payments, installments every two weeks, down payments, and pay after delivery. With Splitit, you can implement card-attached installments in a format that fits your enterprise’s needs – from high value items to services and B2B payment plans, our platform can be designed and implemented in a way that makes sense for your business. 

Future-Proofing Your Business: Trends and Innovations in installments-as-a-service

Adopting a flexible payment solution is a key way to future-proof your business. It allows you to offer customers an innovative payment solution that fits the shifting demands of consumers. 

When choosing a card-attached installment platform, it’s important to partner with a provider that prioritizes the same innovative values that you do. At Splitit, our engineers are constantly developing and improving the product to ensure it delivers a fast, efficient, and frictionless experience for customers. 

From mobile optimized experiences to integrations that allow for personalization, we’re future-proofing our platform so you can remain ahead of the curve. Incorporating card-attached installments into your payment experience is a simple yet effective way to satisfy customers and drive business growth. With Splitit’s white-label platform, your brand gets the benefits of delivering on consumer demand while maintaining a seamless checkout experience. This combination can drive everything from conversion to customer loyalty. 

Reach out today to find out how we can help you boost sales and improve your checkout experience with card-attached installments.