Why Splitit launched a white-label solution

Last updated August 2022

Buy now, pay later is becoming increasingly popular, set to exceed $181 billion in global payments this year. This growth in popularity and demand brings opportunities and challenges for retailers.

Adding additional steps to the checkout can cause friction at the most pivotal stage of the conversion journey, resulting in abandoned carts and a negative brand impression. Approval rates are declining and the checkout is getting more cluttered and confusing. 

The triangular relationship between BNPL providers, merchants, and customers is also beginning to take on strain. Legacy BNPL providers are facing more regulation, scrutiny, and backlash, with increasing questions about escalating shopper installment plan write-offs and selling shoppers’ data. From the shopper’s perspective, these issues can reflect directly upon the retailer, creating a negative brand impression. 

We launched a white label service to help merchants restore control of the customer experience and to reduce the clutter and confusion for shoppers. 

Our Installments-as-a-Service platform helps to solve these problems while still allowing retailers and customers to reap the benefits of BNPL. Learn about what white-label e-commerce is and how a white-label platform can support your brand and business strategy.


What is a white-label service?

“White-label” refers to a product or service that you can take and market as part of your own brand or business. It’s a blank slate – we provide the platform and the basic functionality, and you create the customer-facing story. 

Splitit’s white-label platform allows you to leverage their  installment payment technology  and absorb it into your own brand, so it becomes a holistic part of your checkout experience. 

That means your customers won’t see the Splitit logo or Splitit’s messaging on your website – instead, you can position our platform as your own payment solution. 

What this looks like depends entirely on your brand and marketing strategy. Generally speaking, you’ll message the option in the checkout as an installment payment option that allows your customers to leverage their existing credit card balance.


How does a white-label service impact customers?

Choosing to use a white-label e-commerce payment platform is a strategic decision that should line into your overall customer strategy. With the right implementation, it can deliver great results:

  • Build brand affinity and trust with customers: Your customers are interacting directly with your brand, which means the positive experience garnered from our existing card-based BNPL solution goes straight to you. 
  • Simplify the checkout experience: Integrating our white-label BNPL platform as part of your organic checkout flow can support a clean, streamlined experience – especially if you use other BNPL providers alongside Splitit. This can make the user journey feel smoother as there may be less distraction within key moments of the customer experience.
  • Support a minimalistic brand: Integrating BNPL as a white-label platform naturally cuts down on the additional elements across your website, which can be a great fit for brands that rely on simplicity, clean design, and minimal content.
  • Clarify messaging and values: Absorbing white-label BNPL into your strategy allows you to gain more control over your audience’s holistic experience on your site and use BNPL as part of a cohesive experience that can tie into timely promotions and campaigns or specific value props. 


Why Splitit offers a white-label service

From our perspective, BNPL should always add value for retailers and customers. As demand for buy now, pay later options grows, we believe it’s also important to provide options for implementation. 

It’s about so much more than adding a new option to your checkout – successful BNPL should make sense with your brand and align seamlessly with your customer journey. For many businesses, adopting Splitit as a white-label solution is the perfect way to achieve that. 

  • Handing power to retailers: A white-label payment solution provides retailers with more control, flexibility, and freedom over the experience they deliver to their customers. It allows businesses to take more ownership over the tools on their website and guide customers through the optimal journey.
  • Minimizing friction: With a consumer abandon cart rate of up to 75%, retailers should be looking for every possible way to improve the checkout experience and remove barriers to purchase. A white-label solution offers a cleaner, more efficient solution, which can help drive conversion at the most pivotal stage.
  • Differentiate from competitors: Implementing BNPL as part of your brand can set you apart from other retailers, who may only offer the standard options that consumers are used to seeing. Seeing a holistic buy now, pay later option in your checkout will show your customers that a flexible, budget-friendly approach is part of your values. 

Combining installments-as-a-service with white-label service takes the concept of BNPL options to an entirely new level. The benefits of buy now, pay later become a holistic part of your brand – all while simplifying the user journey on your website and creating an even more seamless experience in the checkout. 


Learn how you can incorporate installments-as-a-service into your business strategy and get started with Splitit today.