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Guest Blog: How Splitit Helped Me Bridge into Post College Life

Taking On the Responsibilities of the Real World

As a college student, I was soon to be entering the world of responsibility including a full time job, in charge of making my own food and hosting friends and family in my future apartment, and it was hard to know what the right purchase decisions were. I didn’t want to expand my student debt, but buying the cheapest possible options of certain commodities didn’t seem like a good idea, especially those which seem essential to a happy livelihood. 

Budgeting For What Was Important

A few commodities which screamed importance to me include a premium mattress for a good night’s sleep after long stressful work hours trying to prove my place in the office, or a new microwave that would last for years and not break down after reheating pizza one too many times. I needed a couch and chairs that would be comfortable enough for my grandparents to visit me, or for when I had a movie night with my friends. But when my lackadaisical friend Carly spills her wine on my couch which costs $500 and looked nice for around a year, there is no going back. (Yet premium couches have zippers in order to remove and wash the material). Besides worrying about the comfort of my grandparents and Carly’s wine spilling tendencies, what about myself? The average American spends 2.5 to 3.5 hours a day watching tv. While I got accustomed to watching a couple hours of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu on my laptop during college, I undoubtedly would transfer this activity to my sofa. Still, I only have one credit card with a relatively low limit. Even if I made the decision to buy the more expensive sofa, how would I manage my budget? How could I purchase these appliances necessary for adulthood, when I couldn’t afford to expand my debt and I didn’t have a lot saved?

Managing My Budget and My Life

This is where Splitit swooped in, and I realized I could manage. Splitit is the most flexible installment payment plan solution. With a low monthly spending budget, I was still able to make higher ticket purchases and pay them over several months, without ever having to worry about interest or late fees. The first time I used Splitit was to buy the Simba mattress from one of Splitit’s merchants. I was able to receive this foam and spring hybrid mattress by paying in twelve monthly installment payments. NCBI, the National Center for Biotechnology Information states “Poor sleep quality, including interrupted sleep or non-restorative sleep, is associated with a variety of negative consequences, including health-related problems, diminished quality of life, and economic costs”. In other words, the mattress was worth the extra money- especially when I started working at my new high demanding job. Furthermore, the mattress came with a ten year warranty. I was able to pay the higher price for higher quality using Splitit, and reap the rewards without any risk to myself.

Using Splitit at Checkout

After my first purchase of the Simba Hybrid Mattress, I continued to use Splitit through another one of their existing merchants. I bought the Amana Commercial Microwave from Culinary Depot, in order to reheat my meal prep dishes and inevitable pizza leftovers from when I’m too tired to cook after work and order a pie for myself.  Through both my purchases, I received instant approval with my Visa (it also works with Mastercard), 0% interest, and collected my usual points, miles, and cash back from my credit card. The easy checkout process didn’t leave me frustrated or abandoning my cart. Splitit is effortless and a dream come true for people like me with a low spending budget, but not wanting to sacrifice quality for important products. 

Splitit Makes the Stress and Decision Making of Post-College Life that Much Easier

After making purchases through Splitit’s merchants Simba Sleep and Culinary Depot, I will continue to use this zero interest monthly installment plan for other goods that are necessary for this strange new world of adulthood, stress and responsibility. I currently have my eye on the Valero Sofa from IFN Modern, which is both grandparents and Carly approved. Moreover, it’s the perfect couch for my Netflix binge watching tendencies. Meanwhile, I will continue to check for new merchants on Splitit’s website to help keep my student debt in check, and look forward to following the future of this company.

Olivia Mosholt (Guest Blogger), August 1, 2019 Share this article

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