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Top Buy Now Pay Later Electronics Stores

You’ll find some of the best tech gifts of 2020 in the stores featured in this post. If you’re anything like me, you get excited about giving or receiving tech gifts. I still remember how exciting it was to make a trip to RadioShack when I was a kid. No matter the time of year, walking in felt like Christmas.

No matter what holiday you celebrate or special day you’ve established in your world, that feeling of wonder never gets old does it? Let’s face it, electronics can make life so much more enjoyable, especially given how we are spending our time these days—switching between the comforts of home, working virtually, and sometimes hopping on a bike to manage stress.

If you’re looking to upgrade sound in your home theater, snag the latest video game system, or get your health under control with a smartwatch, the stores in this post will help feed your inner techie. What’s more, these stores all use Splitit, a buy now pay later solution that helps you get brand name products home now with easy monthly payments over time.

Let’s get into what each store offers and I’ll finish up with how Splitit is the name to know when it comes to buy now pay later electronics.

7 Buy Now Pay Later Electronics Stores

Waves Audio

If you’re a movie or gaming buff, you’re probably already acquainted with Waves Audio. The 28-year-old company’s software has been behind the scenes on major motion pictures and some of the world’s most popular video games. 

Whether you’re setting up a sound system or producing music, you’re sure to find the high-quality products and audio solutions you need. Waves Audio offers buy now pay later options and ships professional-grade sound equipment globally.

Go to Waves Audio


The Joker always wondered where Batman got such wonderful toys. I’m thinking he spent some time on Kogan.com. This buy now pay later electronics store has over 10 million items to choose from. Get the latest Kogan finds or shop brand name electronics like Samsung, Apple, and Nintendo. From LED TVs to drones to video game systems, Kogan delivers across Australia and offers a program to help you get free delivery on eligible products. 

Go to Kogan.com


If self-care is your priority, check out Braun, a buy now pay later shop with an extensive offering of grooming products for hair removal and skin care. If you’re not exactly sure what to buy, try the product recommender. It’s a good way to zero in on the shaver, trimmer, epilator, laser hair remover, or facial device that’s right for you. Braun delivers throughout the United Kingdom.

Go to Braun


Even though using technology can be fun, it comes with some risks to privacy depending on the devices you use. To give you peace of mind, Purism produces a range of privacy and security-driven electronics. Purism offers a buy now pay later smartphone, laptops, a mini-PC, a USB security token, and server for your communication, education, or work needs. Purism ships worldwide.

Go to Purism

Scorptec Computers

Scorptec Computers is a one-stop shop for all things computer and sound. They carry a wide selection of in-house and other name brand equipment to meet the needs of the electronics neophyte to the tech guru. If you are looking for buy now pay later desktops, laptops, printers, or scanners for your home office, they have you covered. Need a gaming computer, software, or audio equipment? Try Scorptec Computers, offering Australia-wide delivery.

Go to Scorptec Computers


It won’t be long before the new year. Get a jump on the resolution train with Mobvoi, maker of the TicWatch smartwatch. It comes in ten different models, each suited to different demands. All Mobvoi buy now pay later smartwatches offer health and fitness tracking benefits. While you’re on the site, also check out their wireless TicPods and treadmill (an excellent combo for a quick workout). Mobvoi ships globally (except military bases).

Go to Mobvoi

Forall Phones

Love Apple products, but not the price tags? Forall Phones features buy now pay later refurbished iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks for up to 50% less than brand new devices. With a 14-day return policy and a two-year warranty, it’s worth a look. Forall ships to a specific list of countries, so reach out to customer service to learn more.

Go to Forall Phones

How Splitit Helps You Buy Smart

Splitit is a buy now pay later solution offering top-notch customer service and innovative ways to help shoppers get what they want. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind monthly payment option since it uses your existing Visa or Mastercard to manage the purchase from start to finish.

With Splitit, you can ditch the hassle of credit checks. No need to worry about bad credit, late fees, or interest rates. Just choose Splitit at checkout, select your monthly payment terms, and place your order.

If you have a Visa or Mastercard and enough available credit to cover your purchase, you can make monthly payments with Splitit to get your electronics now. Curious about how it works? Get the facts here

What is Your Favorite Electronics Store?

Where do you like to buy electronics? Contact customer service at your favorite electronics stores and ask them to offer Splitit at checkout. We are working hard to identify and partner with more stores to provide an interest-free monthly payment option for your purchases. Just let them know about us and we promise to treat them well when they get in touch. 

Robyn Evans (Content Contributor), November 9, 2020 Share this article

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