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We Designed Our Solutions For You!Splitit Offers Three Separate Products Based on Your Goals and Needs

Monthly Installment Payments

Shoppers can split their purchases into up to 36 interest-free monthly payments using their existing Visa or Mastercard.

Place an order

Choose number of installments

Buy Now, Pay Later

Shoppers get the chance to try out items for up to 90 days and then decide if they are going to keep it. After they decide, shoppers can then go ahead and pay in full, or start an installment-payment plan.

Place an order

Receive the item and try it out

Start a payment plan or send it back after a predetermined amount of days

Split Pay

Shoppers who do not have a sufficient available balance on one card have the option to split their installment payments on two different credit cards. This feature allows for the shopper to get what they want and not have to apply for another credit card or go into debt.

Place an order

If you don't have the sufficient amount, you’ll be offered to split the payment

Enter the details of the second credit card

Choose number of installments

Omni Channel Commerce
360º SUITE

Splitit’s omni channel allows shoppers to pay in monthly payments easily, wherever and whenever they want.

When making an online transaction, the shopper simply needs to go through the traditional checkout process, select the Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card they would like to use, and decide the number of monthly payments. Splitit allows for instant approval with no struggle to fill out an application form.

Splitit is a great solution for brick and mortar stores around the world. Splitit is easily configured to a computer or tablet where the shopper has the ability to decide on a payment plan that best suits their needs and create a monthly installment plan.

With mobile usage on the rise, we have made sure that Splitit works seamlessly on all phones and tablets.