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15 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Looking for ways to celebrate women this month? Start by showing appreciation for the women in your life.

When we celebrate women, we celebrate our very existence. They are our mothers and mother-figures. They run corporations and create laws. They are inventors and innovators.

They are strong. Resilient. Necessary. 

Women are an integral force in our world, and thanks to Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we have reminders to remember and celebrate the legacy of world-changing women this month…and always.

We’re sharing 15 ways you can celebrate the women in your life, but don’t stop here. Make it a point to find new ways to show honor to women across the globe.

1. Tell Her Story

Women’s history is a rich topic, spilling over with stories of triumph over hardship—particularly when it comes to gender bias and inequality. From Marie Curie to Henrietta Lacks, Frida Kahlo to Anne Frank, the stories are seemingly endless.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is: break the bias. We each can do our part to shape our environments to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. In turn, environments shape our world. By telling the stories of women from all walks of life, we can usher in a gender equal movement. Her story should always be told.

You can get involved by striking the break the bias pose on your social media account, using the hashtags: #BreakTheBias and #IWD2022. Resolve to tell the stories of women who made, are making, and will make a difference.

2. Sow a Seed to Her Wellness

Self-care encompasses so many beliefs and practices. We’d like to think that anything that improves a woman’s quality of life is akin to self-care. Here are a handful of ways you can help women nurture themselves inside and out:

  • Buy her a new mattress: Rest is golden. At least, it should be. If her mattress is worn out, you can surprise her with one of the latest bed in a box sleep solutions. Check out these buy now pay later mattress stores to find an affordable option.
  • Share a mindfulness app: Apps like Calm and Mindset help guide healthy thoughts and increase motivation to pursue overall wellness.
  • Send a meal kit: If she’s too busy to shop for healthy meals, send them directly to her. Companies like Super Butcher, Hello Fresh, and Hungry Root offer the convenience of cooking a delicious recipe with all ingredients at her fingertips. Some, like Factor_ and Cook Unity offer chef-prepared heat and eat meals for added convenience.
  • Encourage her healthy pursuits: Browse these buy now pay later health and fitness stores to choose a gift that will encourage her to try a fun workout, experience a yoga class, or even learn if she has food intolerances hindering her from feeling her best.

3. Treat Her to Something She Likes

One of the greatest gifts you can give to a woman is really seeing her. Go out of your way to give her something she likes—something that shows you’ve been paying attention. It’s not always material. It could be a walk on a sunny day, her favorite flowers, or handling errands for her while she binge-watches Ozark on Netflix.

4. Support Her Business

Globally, over 252 million women are entrepreneurs. If you take the time, you can find some female business owners in your community and support them in the following ways:

  • Purchase a product or service
  • Spread the word on social media
  • Write a positive review online
  • Mention the business in conversations with family and friends
  • Ask about volunteer opportunities

There is so much power in doing just one thing to help women in business in your community and elsewhere. When each person makes a small effort, the snowball effect can be huge. 

5. Thank Her

Gratitude goes a long way. It’s like altruistic currency: it pays the giver as well as the receiver. Take time to thank her for everything she does in creative ways.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Write down 31 small notes of thanks (one for each day in March) on different colors of paper. Place them in a Mason jar and present them.
  • Call, text, or video chat just to express gratitude.
  • Make a social media post praising her for who she is and encourage your followers to share it.
  • Send her a heartfelt thank you card in the mail. Take time to find just the right one or make it yourself.

Saying, “thank you,” is one of the best gifts you can offer. It lets her know that her time and efforts are not in vain.

6. Mentor Her

Is there a young woman in your life that you feel you can help?

This month, reach out and ask if she wouldn’t mind you sharing your wisdom. It could be someone who is pursuing a field you’ve worked in for years. Maybe you share similar interests. Perhaps her mother is not in her life, for any number of reasons, and you see an opportunity to nurture her.

Whatever the reason, your care could make a huge difference. Listen to this life-changing story from Goalcast about Deshauna Barber. It’s an example of reaching out to a younger woman and believing in her.

7. Listen to Empowering Music by Her for Her

There are so many wonderful women who have dedicated their lives to music. From Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” to  Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” there’s something you can find to help you feel empowered.

What you listen to can color your path and impact your outlook on life. Share your playlist picks on social media or by direct message with your best girlfriends.

8. Read Her Books

Yes, the book is almost always better than the movie. It’s because books have more time to unravel a story in your mind. Whether you are a fiction junkie, lover of biographies, or reader who loves multiple genres, set some time aside this month to read books written by women, past and present. Don’t forget to share your favorites with other women.

9. Write About Her

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some children are still learning at home virtually. Why not add a personal assignment to the mix for your children to research and write about a woman or women they admire? 

Need ideas? Teachers Pay Teachers is a good resource for affordably-priced Women’s History Month projects created by teachers that cater to different grade levels.

10. Compliment Her

Never underestimate the power of a compliment. It is often a welcome reminder of how great she is by just being herself. A well-timed, kind word can bring healing to the hearer. Look for ways to compliment the women in your life. Her mind, her style, her creativity…the topics are endless.

11. Listen to Her

Do the women in your life feel heard? If not, you can make a difference. This month, schedule a date to meet (if possible, in person) even if by phone or video call. When you meet, have a conversation about her.

Ask open-ended questions like:

  • What did you want to be when you were a child? Are you doing it now?
  • If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?
  • Can you tell me about your heroes? What makes them heroes to you?
  • Where are you from and what is your family known for?

Take notes, and, in your replies repeat back things she said to let her know you were listening. Who knows, with the information you collect, you could start an oral history project about her and her family and present it on a special occasion as an audio or visual gift.

12. Get Involved In Her Cause

As Lucy told Charlie Brown, “You need involvement.” Find out what’s important to her and offer to stand beside her on the protest line, walk alongside her in a march to raise funds, offer financial support, or help her spread the word. In doing so, you might awaken what’s also important to you. Then, she can help you. See how that works?

13. Learn From Her Example

How many times have you set aside time to research great women in history? What do you know about the movers and shakers of today? This month, make it a point to learn about one woman’s accomplishments each day. You might learn something that will help you right now.

Here are some good places to start:

There are so many resources online and at your local library. Also, check your TV provider or streaming service for films, biographies, and documentaries about women throughout history.

14. Fight for Her

If you know a woman who is struggling right now, look for ways you can be a champion in her life. Contribute to a better future for her and every other woman in her life. We are our sister’s keeper when we choose to take time to see how she is doing. Ask her to guide you in the best way to help her and do what you can to fulfil the request.

We are our sister’s keeper when we choose to take time to see how she is doing. Ask her to guide you in the best way to help her. Do what you can to fulfill the request.

15. Remember Her

It’s simple. Don’t forget her. Many great women are no longer with us, but their legacies still leave a bright trail. Make it a point to talk about who she was and what she did. Share her greatness with the next generation of women who are already on their way to being great in their own right.


Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day are excellent reminders that we should celebrate women every day. With a little effort, we can do just that. Small efforts made by many can change the world.

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