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Creating a Home for Every Need: 8 Companies Helping Us Adapt to a New Way of Living

There’s little doubt the COVID-19 has changed our behavior in our homes. Many of us who never worked from home before are now suddenly creating home offices. Most of us are learning day by day how to balance boundaries for work and family. We find ourselves trying to create solutions to new problems, such as turning a playroom into a home office. Or maybe using a spare bedroom as the new school room or conference call center.

In our quest to be more efficient and productive, we can turn to products that offer us real solutions. Products to help us organize our homes and create distinct spaces for each task. Creating a home, or space, for everything not only helps us stay more organized, but it also brings calm in the midst of chaos. 

Fortunately, there are several companies offering products and services to help us as we transition to a new way of living. Here are 8 companies helping us create a home within our home, for almost every need.


At the heart of a home office is a quality desk. Having a desk that’s both an ergonomic and has a sit-stand option is genius. And one that is aesthetically pleasing is even better. Ergonofis manages to design both a beautiful – and functional – product that’s bound to function well in any home office. Ergonofis takes home office desks to the next level by providing quality craftsmanship for a sit-stand desk option. Ergonofis’ desks provide an ergonomic solution while creating a hub for productivity.


Working from home creates an entirely new demand for technology – and there is no shortage in the amount of products you can choose. Purism offers advanced technological solutions with their own line of highly-secure laptops, desktops and phones. You can have security and privacy in both hardware and software products. The high-end products also feature bundled software and visible operating systems – making them a perfect addition to your home office.

The Wellness Enterprise

The Wellness Enterprise believes a healthy home begins with one of the most basic resources: water. But The Wellness Enterprise offers products that take water to a new level. They offer structured water for drinking, showers and all other uses throughout your home. The structured water is designed to provide you with an overall healthier lifestyle and increased energy – making it perfect for the days when you’re in your home non-stop.

Chili Technology

After a long day of work and school, there’s nothing better than a great night’s sleep. Chili Technology offers sleep solutions (such as a cooling mattress pad) to keep you cool and comfortable at night. Whether you choose the chiliPad® or the Ooler® product line, you’ll be able to keep cool and sleep as soundly as possible. The Chili Technology products offer you more temperature control, helping you sleep better and save money on energy costs. Checkout the rave reviews from athletes to veterans to canines, and then you can decide for yourself. 

The Culinary Depot

Your home office and play rooms shouldn’t get all the attention. If you find yourself spending more time in your kitchen, then now is a perfect time to check out the Culinary Depot. On this site you’ll find a wealth of products and information to make your kitchen as efficient as possible. From new faucets to blenders and large appliances, you can create a kitchen that would make any chef envious. If you need to breathe new life into your kitchen, the Culinary Depot can make it happen.


Having children brings a whole new meaning to creating a home. It also means they need lots of equipment to keep them healthy and safe. RedsBaby provides practical (and beautiful) solutions for you and your baby – including prams, strollers, bassinets and modern high chairs. You can find modern equipment which combines both safety and elegance. If you’re looking for contemporary items for your baby, then RedsBaby is your new source.

Duty Free Crystal 

When you’re in your home all day, it’s important to have a space where you can relax and appreciate your surroundings when possible – almost like a zen space. One way to achieve this is to accessorize your home and provide a small place of beauty. You can do this with pieces of crystal or an entire crystal collection. The Duty Free Crystal Shop has several unique and beautiful crystal pieces ready to elevate your home – and provide a spot for elegance no matter where it is in your home.


Our families aren’t the only ones learning how to adjust – our pets are experiencing new routines too, especially now with more people home throughout the day. If you have a cat, look at Cattree and the wide offering of products for your feline family member. You’ll be able to create a space just for your cat – giving your cat a place for much-needed exercise or even privacy. Cattree offers scratch posts, beds and a variety of other products meant for your favorite cat.

The Common Link with These Merchants

Not only do these merchants give us the tools to create beautiful and functional homes, but they all offer the convenient option of using the Splitit monthly installment plan. As you find new ways to streamline your life at home, you can do the same with your finances by using monthly installment plans for these purchases. Splitit is a great option because it uses your existing credit card – which means no additional paperwork or unnecessary credit checks. Plus you get all of this convenience without paying additional fees and interest. 

If you’re trying to find a new approach to creating a home for your every need, take a look at these merchants and take advantage of the convenience of using Splitit. It won’t be long before you’ll have a home that’s both efficient and productive.

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