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How to Shop for Designer Clothes on a Budget: 6 Stores That Make it Possible

Shop responsibly at home for designer clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories by using flexible, budget-friendly payments.

Want to buy designer clothing for yourself or as a gift, but concerned about the price? Sticker shock is real, but it can be conquered with careful planning. In this post, we’ll share a few ways to get designer threads and accouterments for less and explore how Splitit can help spread payments out over time. 

Smart Shopping Advice

The shops were chosen because they offer quality products at the best possible prices. They also offer flexible payment options, helping you to plan for large purchases without the stress of making large payments upfront.

When you shop at the stores in this post, you’ll be able to do one or more of these actions:

  • Buy direct — Designer clothing stores with a direct-to-consumer model are an excellent source for discounted fashions. You save money because they don’t have to mark up the cost to satisfy third-party vendors.
  • Sign up for newsletters — Plug into a store’s community, and you’ll often get discounts and deals not offered to the general public. You’ll also be the first to know about sales or special promotions.
  • Choose upcycled designs — These are gently used, like-new or never worn designer garments, shoes and accessories commanding a lower price but offer the same level of quality. 
  • Pay over time — Choose a buy now pay later (BNPL) option like Splitit at checkout, and you can make smaller monthly payments on your fashion haul. You’ll get the joy of wearing what you want now while making more manageable payments each month.

 Saving money and being conscientious about how you spend it is always in style. We invite you to browse each of these top BNPL designer stores to see what catches your eye.

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6 Top BNPL Designer Shops

In a hurry and want to jump to the stores? Here is a brief description of each one:

  • Vestiaire Collective — Luxury resale marketplace for designer merchandise
  • Rat & Boa — Timeless, direct-to-consumer clothing designed in-house
  • Luxury Promise — Collections of never worn and gently used designer goods
  • Bagista — Online shop for pre-loved designer handbags and accessories
  • L’Envers — High-end, sustainable knit fashions made to last for years to come
  • Ace Marks — Handmade, Italian leather shoes crafted by footwear artisans

If you see something you like, don’t forget to choose Splitit at checkout. It’s the responsible way to stick to your fashion budget and pay for your purchases over time. 

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective was founded with the belief that no luxury fashion item should be left behind. Since 2009, the France-born company has been rescuing designer pieces from dark closets and releasing them into the light of day for a second life.

With over 7 million members in 50+ countries, the online marketplace receives 25,000 new pieces each week. Each is carefully inspected for quality and authenticity.

The shop offers thoughtfully curated collections of men’s and women’s designer clothing, handbags, watches, jewelry and vintage finds. Not only can you celebrate your inner supermodel, but also find products that enhance your life at home or on travel.

Noteworthy: You can also sell your luxury goods in the marketplace, so check your closets!

Shop at Vestiaire Collective

Rat & Boa

Rat & Boa clothing is designed and created not only for the woman who likes to look good but also for those who want to feel good. 

Feel good about choosing an eco-conscious brand. Feel good about buying premium clothes that last. Feel good about wearing clothes that say yes to style and ethics seamlessly.

At Rat & Boa, a brand started by friends, women can choose from a range of bold prints and luxe patterns to feel comfortable, feminine and confident. They offer stunning dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms and accessories like scarves, all in flattering styles for women of different sizes and shapes.

Noteworthy: Rat & Boa offers free exchanges if your selection doesn’t fit just right.

Shop at Rat & Boa

Luxury Promise

You can shop online. You can shop on your phone. You can shop 24/7 and trust that you’re getting authentic, designer pre-owned goods at Luxury Promise. The point is: you have options whether you want to buy, sell or swap luxury items.

Established in Knightsbridge, London, this global resale marketplace of fashion is all about access. Enjoy worldwide shipping of designer handbags, apparel, shoes, accessories, jewelry and even housewares. 

Luxury Promise allows you to browse through merchandise from 75+ designers and feel confident that you are getting an authentic piece that has been cared for and restored to its original allure.

Noteworthy: You can contribute a small amount when you checkout to plant a tree through Luxury Promise’s partnership with Ecologi.

Shop at Luxury Promise


If you’re all about designer handbags, Bagista was created for you. It’s a carefully compiled collection of new or pre-loved bags that cater to every style under the sun (or moon if you’re a night owl).

Need an eye-catching clutch? How about a fashion-forward backpack? No matter what you’re looking for, you can choose from a vast collection of styles from popular designers in a mix of colors and price points.

From vintage looks to eclectic vibes, it’s a place worth checking out to find your next luxury handbag for less.

Noteworthy: Check out the stylist’s notes on each bag for inspired looks and ideas.

Shop at Bagista


Debuting in 2015, L’Envers is relatively new to the fashion marketplace, but the company’s designs are timeless. The Spain-based brand offers an array of designer knit fashions, from cardigans to dresses and just about everything else in between.

All pieces are knitted with sustainability in mind in terms of using materials, reducing fashion waste and decreasing pollution. The brand is also committed to employing and supporting artisans in the fashion industry.

Choose from fairly-priced knit fashions in multiple colors and material options. Their direct-to-consumer model allows you to get high-quality items at the very best prices.

Noteworthy: You can work with L’Envers to design and create your own knit piece.

Shop at L’Envers

Ace Marks

These aren’t your everyday men’s shoes, but they are made for daily wear. These are standout, hand-crafted Italian leather shoes. They are like snowflakes: no two pairs are exactly alike. 

Whether at the office, entertaining clients after work or stepping out on a date, Ace Marks shoes are conversation starters. Maybe it’s the 100% full-grain calfskin leather. Perhaps it’s the direct, skip-the-middleman pricing. It could be the hand-dyed and burnished styles, hues and tones each shoe delivers.

Whatever it is, take time to look through this collection of shoes that complement work, play and rest. And, don’t forget the accessories.

Noteworthy: Each Ace Marks shoe features a memory foam insole for maximum comfort.

Shop at Ace Marks

How Splitit Helps You Shop Smarter

When you choose Splitit at checkout at any of the stores in this post, you unlock your credit card’s hidden superpowers. Splitit is the installment payment option letting you pay over time on your credit card without additional fees or interest*.

Because Splitit rewards you for your good credit, you can easily take advantage of installment payments without adding another line of credit. Plus, you continue to earn rewards points, cashback or other benefits your favorite credit card has to offer.

You can use any existing Mastercard or Visa credit card with enough available credit for the total purchase. No applications or credit checks needed! You’ll choose your monthly payment details, so you’ll know exactly what you owe each month.

Here’s how it would work:

  • You choose a $500 designer bag at one of our BNPL partner stores.
  • You have available credit of $800 on your Mastercard or Visa.
  • You select Splitit at checkout and choose your monthly payment terms.
  • Splitit doesn’t charge the full price but sets aside the full purchase price of $500.
  • Your card is charged for the first payment and every month after that until the $500 is paid in full.

Remember, you won’t be charged $500 upfront, but that amount will be pre-authorized on your card. So your available credit of $800 will decrease to $300. As you pay your bill each month, the available credit will begin to rise again.

This is a great tool to help you stay on top of your shopping budget and avoid overspending. Plus, it can help you plan for larger purchases throughout the year while earning rewards and cashback!

 Want to know more details? Please visit our Shoppers FAQ page on our website. 

What Are Your Favorite BNPL Designer Stores?

Do you wish you had Splitit at all of your favorite designer stores? Ask for it! Tell them about us. Just direct them to our How It Works page, and we’ll take it from there when they get in touch.

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