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Splitit Results Over Time

20 % increase in sales volume
20 % of customers choose to pay with Splitit

Splitit really gave us a push to show us new business possibilities. I want to especially thank Liat, our Customer Success Manager at Splitit for her support. This type of engaged partnership from a third party is rare and much appreciated.
Gemperles Arnaud Pons, Director of Gemperles Shop Store

Gemperles Sees Significant Business Growth with Splitit

About Gemperles

Gemperles, founded by Arnaud Pons, officially launched its online store in 2006 to sell high quality, certified pearls (which are really hard to find) at very reasonable prices to his home country, France. They have since expanded their reach to shoppers in Italy, Belgium, the UK, and other European countries.

Gemperles is a rockstar in the pearl business. The brand represents innovation and creativity, attractive and unique products, and impeccable service. Arnaud states the key to his continued success is due to paying close attention to market shifts and listening to his customers.

Partnering with Splitit

Two years ago, Arnaud was actively seeking an installment payment solution to answer his customers’ needs. In France, paying in installments was already becoming a very sought-after option. He had integrated a couple of other platforms, but they weren’t great solutions. Then he found Splitit and everything changed.

Before Splitit, he had to collect all kinds of documents from clients for them to use installment payments, such as an identification card, a bill that showed home address, etc. Additionally, these companies did not provide security of payment or collection services.

Splitit, on the other hand, provided a holistic solution that was quick and easy for his customers, just a few clicks and they were done, as well as a seamless international platform he could use globally, that was also safe, guaranteeing payments. Since installing Splitit two years ago, Gemperles has seen a 20% increase in sales volume.

Splitit offers so many benefits to the shopper, with zero fees and no interest, and it has a well designed checkout process, with clear and easily understandable information and instructions, which increases customer confidence. His customers see these installment payments as an added value service that is easy to use. Gemperles has seen how well these factors play in his promotions to help drive in business. Just last month, he ran a special promotion in partnership with Splitit that resulted in a 60% increase in sales.

Thanks to Splitit we have boosted conversions and we can definitely say that if we were to remove Splitit, our sales would drop significantly.”

Arnaud Pons, Director of Gemperles

Splitit is More than Just a Service Provider

Arnaud states that Splitit is more than just a service. It’s an honest partnership. He has been working with the Splitit Team for the past two years and he feels they are genuinely trying to help him grow his business – even coming up with promotional ideas with him. He appreciates that his contact at Splitit always pays attention to market trends and that the company is continuously working to improve the functionality of its platform. Arnaud’s confidence in Splitit has only continued to grow over time.

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