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Sharks that Save You Money

Last updated January 2022

What a time we live in! It is truly gratifying to see how people are finding ways to make the best out of this crisis. 

There are so many companies around the world who are providing services to help people continue to get what they need while staying safe, building apps to help people stay connected while physically constrained, and offering solutions to help people deal with the various side effects of this situation. 

Everyone everywhere is being impacted by COVID-19 to some degree or another, and many are reevaluating their monthly budgets, looking for various ways to save. And it is always a good time to find ways to save. 

Did you know that 85% of people overpay on their internet and wireless phone bills? I certainly didn’t! That’s roughly 8 out of 10 people. Most of us don’t really have the time (or patience) to call each of our service providers and negotiate these bills for ourselves. Plus, we may not know where to look for the best deals for ourselves.

Let me introduce you to a company that can help you lower your bills and lower your stress. Reader, please meet BillShark, a company with a team of “Sharks” ready to negotiate the best price on your bills.

Save Money in 2 Minutes

BillShark, officially backed by “Shark Tank’s” Mark Cuban, an American entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, provides services that can help individuals and businesses quickly and easily reduce their monthly bills, including wireless, internet, pay TV, landlines, home security, satellite radio, and more. They also provide services to cancel bills as well as compare home and auto insurance rates for you. 

Why wouldn’t you want to lower your bills by 25%, especially if it takes only 2 minutes of your time? And there is no risk. If they can’t save you money, it’s free. So, no matter what, you are in good shape because you will either save money or you will confirm (for free) that you are already paying the best price available. 

These Sharks negotiate on average around 125 bills per day and have helped around 250,000 customers, saving them millions of dollars, which means they know what they are doing! Their excellent work is confirmed by raving reviews from their customers.

What BillShark Sharks Do for You

BillShark is a concierge service. When you sign up, all you have to do is select which bills you wish to negotiate, fill in a form and press submit. Then they start working on your service providers.

An American company through and through, with all their Sharks living and working within the United States, they really understand how the system works, know these companies inside and out, and can quickly find the right deals and special discounts to save you money. 

Here’s the process: Sharks negotiate your bills to the lowest possible rate while keeping you in the loop the whole time. Once your bills have been managed, they will wait 3-5 business days to confirm the better deals have been applied and then, and only then, will you receive an invoice for their services. The whole process typically takes around 1-2 weeks. It’s super simple and requires no effort on your part. 

You Can Afford to Save Money 

Additionally, in their constant effort to improve their services to their customers, BillShark has teamed up with Splitit to offer an alternative payment plan.  

Splitit’s monthly installment plans have no added interest, do not require credit checks or applications, takes no extra time to set up and is super easy to use. Also, because Splitit runs off your existing credit card, you will continue to collect your benefits and build your credit. BillShark’s money-saving services are applicable to anyone and everyone, and with Splitit, they are also very affordable, breaking up payments into 2 or 6 monthly installments, with a small one time on-boarding fee. 

We definitely recommend checking out BillShark today to save money on your monthly bills and be sure to select Splitit at checkout when you’re done!

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