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How does a partial refund work?

Partial refunds, just like complete refunds, will work and can be done in your existing eCommerce platform. However, you can also do so from the merchant portal, here’s how:

  1. Enter your Splitit admin. 
  2. Inside the specific plan click ‘Refund’ > mark ‘refund partial amount’ 
  3. A scroll-down menu will appear
  4. Choose one of the following three options:
  • Future installment first: The refund amount will first be deducted from the remaining future installments. The remaining balance will be recalculated. 
  • Future installment last: The Shopper will first get a refund from the amount that was already charged. If the refunded amount is higher than what was already charged, the remainder will then be deducted from any future installments.
  • Future installments no allowed: future installments will remain untouched. 

 5. fill in the amount you would like to refund.

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