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Meet Batelle

Batelle is a sleep solution for children under the age of 6, which operates on the belief that sleep is not something that parents should be forced to train their children to do, but something children should naturally choose.

By working through the guidance of Sleep School, Batelle guarantees that parents will learn how to put their children to bed in under 5 minutes and they’ll be sleeping through the night by the end of the 2-week program.

Graduates of Batelle’s Sleep School have a 97% success rate. The model is a 100% success guarantee – if parents complete the requirements during the 2-week timeline and don’t achieve the promise, they can get a full refund.

Batelle partnered with Splitit in order to provide a flexible payment option that allows more families to access the program.


increase in conversion


MoM sales lift

Partnering with Splitit

Batelle’s goal was to help parents access the support they need to improve their child’s sleep through a flexible payment plan that fits their needs.

“We were seeking a solution that allows our customers to pay overtime in monthly installments,” Daniel Frazer, Batelle CFO, says. “Many alternative payment partners have limits on the quantum, limits on the number of installments, impose interest charges upon customers or do not have the ability to receive the cashflows quickly.”

When searching for a solution, Batelle had a list of non-negotiables:

  • Receive funds in the month of the sale
  • Offer a 12+ month installment payment schedule
  • Interest-free option
  • Support high Average Order Values
  • International capabilities
  • Easy set-up and integration

Splitit ticks all these boxes.

Parents can use their credit card to fund their Splitit installment payment plan for the $1,500 Sleep School package. A pre-authorized hold will be placed on their card, which will automatically be reduced with each monthly payment.

They have the option to choose to pay over a flexible period of time, based on their budget. Because they are leveraging their existing credit card, there’s no impact to their credit score, no interest, and no fees (their standard credit card terms and conditions still apply). Find out how Splitit works.

Partnering with Splitit

Effortless onboarding

As well as allowing Batelle to achieve all payment objectives, Splitit stood out from the BNPL crowd thanks to easy implementation.

Frazer says the process was simple to add Splitit onto the company’s existing platform: “It was very straightforward, as SplitIt integrates into our Shopify store.”

As well as a smooth technical onboarding process, Frazer notes that Batelle continues to feel supported by the team: “Splitit also has great resources and support for how to establish and connect the payment gateways into our existing infrastructure.”

As a white-label solution, Batelle also has the option to integrate Splitit into its own branding, to create a seamless customer experience.

Effortless onboarding

How Splitit supports Batelle’s growth

By working with Splitit, Batelle has been able to reach more parents who need support with their child’s sleep, while allowing the business to organize their internal finances in a way that supports their ongoing strategy.

“Splitit enables us to offer our product to a wider range of consumers, enabling sales growth whilst allowing us to optimize working capital,” Frazer says.

This translates to a conversion lift of 30%. And in the last 6 months alone, Frazer reports that sales through Splitit have grown 15% month-over-month, indicating an upward trend.

“Splitit has been an instrumental partner in enabling us to expand our market presence,” Frazer says.

While Batelle also currently offers customers the option to checkout with Affirm, Frazer says Splitit tends to be the preferred option, as customers would rather not pay additional fees for their BNPL solution.

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How Splitit supports Batelle’s growth

Everyone sleeps better with Splitit

Adding Splitit to Batelle’s payment experience benefits customers and the business, allowing for growth across a variety of levels.

“I would recommend SplitIt to any organization looking to offer a buy now pay later solution, they are flexible and able to adjust to meet our needs,” Frazer says.

Parents can choose how they want to pay for Batelle’s program, Batelle is able to grow its customer base, and more children get access to Sleep School – which means everyone can rest a little easier at night.

“Splitit allows us to reach customers who would otherwise be unable to purchase and attain a sleep solution for their child.” Frazer says.

If you want to help your customers access the benefits of Splitit’s flexible installment-payment solution, reach out to us today.

Everyone sleeps better with Splitit