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Q&A with Corinne Ferland-Brissette, Growth Marketer at ergonofis

Can you tell us about your company ergonofis?

ergonofis was built on the core objective of inspiring people to live healthier lives and improve their relationship with work.

We want to help people thrive in their workspace so they can be more productive and inspired by incorporating more movement into their day with our sit-stand desks.

From the material we use to the design process and physical construction, ergonofis products are more than just office equipment. They are a representation of our mission and vision.

Our sit-stand desks are all constructed by local carpenters and our materials are responsibly sourced because we believe in doing right by our environment. They are beautiful, well-made, and durable, so your work environment will be aesthetically inspiring.

After all, we spend most of our lives at work, so why not make the best of it.

What have you seen change in the past year?

There has been quite an exponential growth in sales in the past year, especially with the work-from-home ordinance due to COVID-19, and we are continuing to see organic consistent growth.

People really love our product and there is a definite shift in the market toward building healthy habits into work routines. We are bringing in a lot of new people to meet this demand.

Our team has grown 15% already and we are continuing to add new members.

“Splitit’s platform is very straightforward and simple. It fits perfectly with our brand and provides a lot of flexibility for our customers.”

What kind of changes did you see in purchasing habits?

Customer mindsets regarding larger purchases have shifted. Pre-pandemic our customers planned ahead and saved up to buy one of our desks. Since the pandemic began, however, people needed to create their home office spaces immediately.

Even though our products are higher ticket items, they were still interested in making this investment in order to set up quality workspaces to stay inspired and motivated while working from home.

Having an installment payment option like Splitit helped our customers have access to our products immediately without having to pay for it in full upfront. This was particularly important during a time when job security was not ensured.

Why did you choose Splitit as your installment payment provider?

We knew we needed to offer a way to help our customers pay for their new ergonofis desks.

Splitit was the only company offering the type of services we needed in Quebec back in 2017 when we first began working together, and we have had a very positive experience.

The integration was seamless and the checkout process is smooth, so we can definitely say we are happy with our partnership. Our customers are too. Splitit’s payment option is very easy for them to use, and there are no fees or interest attached.

How has Splitit been able to help you grow your business?

Splitit has helped us increase our conversion rate, enhance our customer journey and make our premium, high-quality and durable home office furniture more attainable.

Overall, we have seen a significant increase in our average order values (+49% AOV) for purchases made with Splitit.

Our customers feel more comfortable adding more products to their shopping cart when they can split their payments over several months. Also, we saw a very nice return on ads (ROAS) of 14% on Facebook-Instagram ads over a short period of time.

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