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Meet Huntington Learning Center

In the realm of education, offering flexible payment solutions to students and their families can be a game-changer. Educational expenses often present a significant financial burden, and finding ways to alleviate this stress is crucial. This is where Splitit has stepped in to support educational centers like Huntington Learning Center. Huntington has over 250 locations across the US that strive to help students. Splitit has been delighted to work personally with Executive Director Aziz Kabani and Regional Director Maria Aruca. Aziz currently owns four locations.

Aziz and Maria are the dedicated minds behind four thriving Huntington Learning Centers, strategically located in Winter Garden, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL, Dr. Phillips, FL, and Charlotte, NC. These centers offer comprehensive tutoring services spanning all subjects, including standardized test preparation. Their unwavering commitment to students and their families has played a pivotal role in the growth of their centers, with Splitit becoming an integral part of this journey. As Maria Aruca, Regional Director, affirms, “We could have lost business if we didn’t have Splitit.”


of families who chose Splitit would not have enrolled without it


approval rate with Splitit, making education more accessible

Splitit Partnership

When Maria and Aziz first crossed paths with Splitit, they already offered other financing options to accommodate their students and their families. However, they remained open to exploring alternatives that could better align with their needs. Their previous installment solution had certain limitations, notably the practice of holding the entire payment amount for the entire program duration. This approach didn’t sit well with many parents. In contrast, Splitit’s new solution only placed a temporary authorization for the full amount on their card, ensuring parents regained access to their available credit. This distinction proved to be a game-changer.

The primary motive behind embracing Splitit was to diversify the payment options available to the families they served. Recognizing that not all parents could afford to pay upfront or were comfortable with credit checks, Splitit addressed both of these concerns. It is also a great option for parents who are uncomfortable with sharing personal information such as a social security number.


Splitit’s installment-based payment solution emerged as an attractive alternative for parents seeking to avoid hefty charges on their credit cards or simply opting for a more manageable monthly payment plan using the credit they already have access to.

Aziz Kabani explains, “Other installment plans would hold the entire amount for the duration of the loan and the program. So I think that’s what was throwing parents off. They’re like, well, what’s the difference then? If I just pay for it, if it’s going to be held and I don’t have access to my funds, it’s the same. Whereas you guys are just authorizing it.”

Splitit’s Impact

Maria and Aziz emphasized that the real winners in this scenario are the students and their families. Splitit’s flexibility has made quality education more accessible to numerous families. It has removed financial obstacles that might have otherwise prevented certain students from enrolling.

Maria encapsulates it beautifully: “Our goal is to provide great instruction to our kids, and we want to do it with integrity. We want to do it in a way that will be impactful for them and that they will be able to see the fruits of whatever amount of money they’re putting in. And I feel like Splitit definitely helps us with that internal mission statement for us.”

These locations were early adapters and have seen tremendous growth during this short time. Aziz explained: “We could have lost business if we did not have Splitit.” Having Splitit as an option has allowed these centers to onboard families that originally could not join before Splitit.

Recommending Splitit

In conclusion, when asked whether they would recommend Splitit to other educational institutions or colleagues, both Maria and Aziz wholeheartedly responded with a resounding yes. They commended Splitit for introducing an additional payment option that has not only benefited their business but, most importantly, the families they serve. “I think maybe 80% of our Splitit transactions are families that we probably would have not enrolled had you guys not been there,” Maria stated. 

Splitit has not only streamlined payment processes for educational centers but has also broadened the horizons for countless students to access quality education, crafting a success story well worth sharing.

Ease of Implementation

When Maria and Aziz were asked how easy on a scale of one to ten it is to integrate Splitit into their workflow and business process, both gave Splitit a score of 9. Aziz explained “ I will say that I think from your end, you have made it pretty simple. Everything is already set up, you have a portal, and everything is great.”  Aziz also noted that Splitit is the best payment installment to use for students and families who are re-enrolling in the program.