How Splitit became the #1 choice over financing options

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About Virgin Pure

Virgin Pure is changing the way people drink water. It is their mission to make people happier and healthier by being a business that does good. Basically, drink more clean water, improve your health, and reduce waste.

They are dedicated to limiting single-use plastics and their harmful impact on the environment through the use of their water dispensers in residential homes and businesses all over the UK. They provide the purest water dispensed boiling or chilled from their beautifully designed smart machines – there is no scale, no chemicals, and no bacteria, just consistently great tasting water whenever you want!

“In a market where 50% of customers prefer to pay in installments, Splitit is a win-win solution”

How Splitit became the preferred payment solution

During a trial period, Splitit plus other financing options were offered to Virgin Pure’s residential shoppers. The success rate with Splitit in addition to the positive feedback received during this trial period led Virgin Pure to move forward with just one payment solution, and that is Splitit.

In a market where 50% of customers prefer to pay in installments, Splitit is a win-win solution. Splitit offers customers what they want and need – monthly installment payments that run on their debit or credit card, is easy to understand, and does not require applications or credit checks.

Everything from their product line to their payment method is streamlined and simple at Virgin Pure, which is why Splitit is the perfect fit!

How Splitit became the preferred payment solution

Why Splitit was so successful

Payment success rate

Payment success rate has almost doubled when Splitit was used as the sole option to spread the cost

Checkout conversion

Splitit played an important role in helping to deliver a 78% increase in checkout conversion

Checkout ratio

Splitit won an additional 25% of the checkout ratio when Virgin Pure removed other payment options and streamlined the proposition

Cart abandonment

Offering Splitit helped reduce cart abandonment rates by 10%

Who loves Virgin Pure water systems?

Busy families with children, especially those who live in cities where water can feel less pure, are particularly interested in Virgin Pure water dispensers because it provides a convenient way to drink more water and create greener homes. Their sleek design fits perfectly in any kitchen and helps parents steer their kids away from all those sugary drinks.

Environmental Impact of Virgin Pure Water Systems

  • 85% of customers drink more water once they have the Virgin Pure dispenser installed
  • 6 months of use of 3 Virgin Pure water dispensers in a public shopping center prevented the consumption of 33k single-use plastic bottles
  • Using a kettle to boil water consumed 32% more energy in a year than the Virgin Pure dispenser
Who loves Virgin Pure water systems?

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