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How can installment
payments improve
your business?

If you are new to installment payments,
here are the basics.

They are flexible and easy

Installment payments, or Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), allow your shoppers to get the products they want and make multiple payments over time.

They offer a better shopper experience

Installment options at checkout give shoppers more options for budgeting when they make purchases. That’s why they increase Average Order Value, reduce cart abandonment, and bring shoppers back to your store again and again.

They are not all the same

Consumer finance requires shoppers to apply for new credit. That’s how most options work. Card-based installments allow shoppers to use their existing cards, without requiring a new credit application.

The Take-Away

Shoppers place bigger orders and come back more often when you offer installment options like Splitit.

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Why do merchants offer installment payments?

Higher Sales
Higher Sales

Increased Average Order Value
Increased Average Order Value

Better Customer Experience
Better Customer Experience

More Repeat Shoppers
More Repeat Shoppers

Smooth Cashflow
Smooth Cashflow

Low Risk
Low Risk

How do installment payments work?

Compare the pros and cons of the different solutions on the market today.

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