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Reconciliation Report Definitions

Reconciliation Report

A summary of all transactions processed by individual installments.

Merchant Name

Account Name

Merchant Legal Name

Merchant Business Name Per Our Records

Shopper Name

Name of Shopper for an individual transaction

Installment Plan Number

Splitit Unique Identifier 

Process Date Time (UTC)

When this transaction was processed on UTC time zone

IP Amount

The amount for the entire installment plan, similar to the purchase price

Transaction ID

Gateway/Processor Unique Identifier

Transaction Amount

Amount charged, refunded, etc., for that individual transaction/installment

Transaction Type

Either charge or refund

Currency Code

Currency of the transaction

Installment Number

Number of the installment in the plan

Number of Installments

The number of installments in the full length of the plan 

Is Full Captured?

Yes–the shopper chose to pay off or was charged the full balance on their transaction No–installments were collected as scheduled

Ref Order Number

Unique order number coded by the merchant or passed via eCommerce platform

Current Status

The Splitit status for this order (see filters for all statuses)

Agent Name

If processed by a user, the user identifier


Splitit authorization strategy, Secured has an authorization, while non-secure does not

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