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13 % increase in AOV on bike orders
21 % of shoppers chose to pay with Splitit

"The Splitit Team has been taking good care of us. It’s been a great partnership and we are all really happy with the results from both sides!"
Canyon Christian Steyer - Team Manager Business Development Shop Store

Canyon’s Award Winning Bikes Paired With Splitit’s Global Payment Solution Leads To A Great Partnership

Bikes + German Engineering

An award-winning German manufacturer of racing bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes, Canyon Bicycles GmbH is an industry leader who is focused on competition. They also make E-bikes and hybrid bikes. Their mission is to “build the best bikes,” and they continuously strive to be the best.. Developed using advanced computer technology by expert engineers, creative designers and passionate cyclists, Canyon bikes have won multiple Grand Tours, many World Championships, and countless test victories in the press. You can find a long list of awards they’ve won here.

Canyon + Consumers

Canyon Bicycles is the leading direct-to-consumer bicycle brand. There has never been a middleman, since they are the manufacturer. Canyon has an international team of support agents who are available to help answer any questions in any language, and they listen closely to what their customers want. Their bikes are performance design and technology, which means they do have a premium price tag, and financing options are a popular request.

Canyon + Splitit

Canyon bikes are designed and manufactured at their Headquarters in Koblenz, Germany, and shipped directly to their customers all over the world. Since the company operates on such a global scale, to meet their customers’ demands they needed a monthly payment solution that could easily work in all of their markets. Canyon decided to partner with Splitit because their solution was a global one that offered seamless integration and worked across all platforms. The team at Canyon found onboarding and operating with Splitit to be an easy process, and it was really well accepted by their customers, even more than expected. Within the first four weeks, they tested Splitit in 6 countries and saw 1500 transactions and a 13% increase in average order values (AOV). Now they’ve expanded Splitit into another 18 countries, with plans to enter the U.S. soon.

“A partnership with Splitit enables us to offer installment payment options to our customers with one integration worldwide. It is truly a global solution. The customers love this BNPL solution and the results far surpass our expectations.” Christian Steyer, Team Manager Business Development

Watch the video interview with Christian from Canyon:


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