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About VitusVet

VitusVetTM is a unique platform designed for veterinarians by veterinarian and former practice owner, Dr. Mark Olcott, in 2013 to solve daily problems through technology. They help veterinary clinics focus more on pets and their owners instead of on their practice management burdens.

The standard practice for the front desk team is to field emergency calls, regular appointment scheduling calls, and following up with scheduled clients to confirm their existing appointments. It can become quite busy.

The combination of VitusVet’s digital communication tools, automated reminders, and texting service frees up a significant amount of time for veterinary teams, reducing incoming phone calls by 70%. They even offer an app used by millions of pet owners to manage their pet’s health and wellbeing.

“The wellbeing of pets, that’s what we are really about. Affordability is a real concern when it comes to pet care, so we are thrilled to partner with Splitit to have an option for pet owners to get the care their pet needs on their terms.”

Promoting “wellness compliance”

VitusVet understands one of the biggest issues veterinarians face is the lack of preventative care pets should receive. Roughly 60% of pet owners will leave their appointment without receiving basic preventative products that should be included and is suggested by their vet. For example, not adding flea, tick and heartworm preventatives, dental care, or recommended lab work can be common. It often comes down to affordability for pet owners. However, by not investing in preventative care, their pets may face worse health issues down the road and owners end up spending a lot more in an emergency situation.

Finding ways to help pet owners commit to routine care and necessary preventatives is essential for healthy pets and healthy veterinary businesses. VitusVet wants to remove this obstacle and make it easier for pet owners to afford the care necessary to keep their pets healthy – while giving veterinary practices an option that was easy to offer and not add more burden to front desk teams.

Tripling the average amount spent per visit

In a short amount of time, they have seen tremendous success. Pet owners using VitusPay are opting for lab work, testing, and adding products like heartworm, flea and tick prevention to their orders, more than tripling the average amount spent per visit, and almost 6x more than the standard amount per visit.

VitusPay has become an integral part of VitusVet’s core platform and is already helping veterinary practices grow revenue while helping pet owners support their pets with better wellness.

Real feedback from a Vitus Vet customer

Tenecia, a 911 dispatcher for the past 7 years, moved into her dream home in Connecticut a couple of years ago with the love of her life and their 3 year old. Her family is her everything and they recently added a furry, little, four-legged friend to the mix. As a new pet owner, Tenecia looked around for pet insurance, but it was very confusing. Due to COVID-19, and because the unknown is a scary thing, their family has been on a stricter budget.

Unfortunately, when their little beagle, Jordan, was five months old he got kennel cough. To help cover this unexpected cost, Tenecia’s veterinarian introduced her to VitusPay℠, powered by Splitit®, an installment payment option provided to pet owners as a way to make pet care more affordable. VitusPay, powered by Splitit, allowed Teneica to take care of her puppy without having to dip into her savings. As a result, Tenecia would happily pay with Splitit again in the future for any large purchases.

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