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COMPEX and Splitit Team Up

Last updated January 2022

Meet COMPEX. A Splitit Partner and a world leader in muscle stim. This innovative high tech company, started in Switzerland over 30 years ago as a research organization, and is now the company that athletes worldwide turn to for the best products in the market – to train stronger and recover faster. 

But their technology is not just for the best of the best. COMPEX offers high quality, Swiss-made training devices suited not only for professional athletes, but also for fitness enthusiasts, CrossFitters, adventure seekers, marathon and triathlon competitors, as well as people looking to simply improve their overall well-being. 

And the good news…COMPEX products are available to be purchased in a new and unconventional way! But I will get more into that in a second…

First, let’s note that as a society, we are becoming more aware of the importance of quality products and taking care of ourselves holistically. This includes everything from the food we eat, to the products we put on our skin or use in our homes, to the physical health of our bodies. 

Today, let’s focus on the pillar of physical health.

From the years of medical research, COMPEX products are designed to assist in promoting our physical well-being and take training to the next level. It can help make, let’s say, a 2x/week workout routine that much more impactful! How? Using COMPEX’s pre-designed programs can help make time at the gym more efficient. A dynamic warm-up helps loosen muscles and gets them ready for rigorous activity, which may help to prevent injury during training or competition. While the variety of recovery programs are designed to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to help flush lactic acid, aiding in a faster and better recovery.

As a runner and a yogi, I was very excited to see the range of COMPEX products as well as read through their knowledge library. I’ve always been dedicated to maintaining an exercise routine to stay healthy, but after reading through the material COMPEX provides, I’m starting to wonder if I might not always be doing what’s best for my body and muscles. For example, I never really paid close attention to the art of muscle recovery – as explained above. I guess I always sort of understood the importance of it subconsciously from my yoga practice. I mean, we do finish every class with a little “nap” (aka shavasana), if that tells you anything… But, I haven’t actually incorporated it into my fitness routine and after my runs. That is definitely going to change!

From what I learned, when COMPEX muscle stimulation is added to a workout, it helps maximize muscular effort by engaging a greater percentage of muscle fibers. COMPEX devices target both Type 1 slow twitch muscle fibers which impact endurance and Type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers which impact power and explosiveness. Using a COMPEX device can help take your performance to the next level.

Also, because the company was bought several years ago by DJO Global, a medical device company that provides a variety of orthopedic products for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy, they now have access to expanded in-house technology, developed by DJO Global. From this, COMPEX has been able to create new products to help athletes and wellness seekers with additional product lines. So now, they also have products available in high tech bracing and support, hot and cold therapy, as well as kinesiology tape. You can check out their full list of products here.

What is counterproductive to maintaining our well-being? Stress! Especially financial stress! Splitit, a company providing payment method solutions, saw the value of what COMPEX has to offer, which is why they teamed up with COMPEX…to make investing in their MI technology possible for everyone. Splitit removes the stress of paying for more expensive quality products, and provides a responsible way for consumers to shop.

COMPEX has enjoyed having Splitit as a service, because it provides their customers with an unconventional alternative payment option that does not charge any additional interest or fees. With Splitit, customers are able to invest in better quality products from the start. 

A little bit about Splitit…

Splitit is an installment payment technology platform that allows companies to offer their clients an alternative payment option, enabling customers to pay using their existing debit or credit card. Using installment payments is an easy way for customers to manage their everyday costs, and still be able to buy items that they want or need now. The control is 100% in the consumers’ hands. There are no banks involved and it is not a loan.

For the wellness seekers, the athletes, the sports enthusiasts, the CrossFitters, and the adventurers…we are here to show you that COMPEX has something for each of you. And Splitit is here to make it so you can buy the product that best fits your personal needs with easy payments!

Checkout COMPEX today and see how Splitit can help you get the perfect lifestyle-tech match. And a little something special for all our readers today. Type in ‘SPLITIT10’ reference code when you checkout to get a 10% discount!

*Disclaimer – to use Splitit10 discount code for a 10% discount, orders must exceed 200€. Available for all shoppers in the countries listed on, except USA, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Please see website for shipping information, as shipping is not available worldwide.

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